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Volunteer Needed

Every contribution that you make helps you achieve -


Easy donating

Tax exemption

Sets an example

We are happy to know that you are keen to contribute and we are delighted to share all the areas in our reach and how we plan to make a difference. Every contribution matters, and what could be better than contributing as per your convenience and ease of getting involved in various social causes.

TREE Craze Foundation is registered under Section 80G, and for every donation, the donor is eligible to receive a 80G tax exemption certificate. 


Tree Plantation

We all love green surroundings! But, the bigger question is how much do we contribute to the cause?  


At TCF, we engage in tree plantation drives at various locations in Delhi, NCR, create awareness and encourage all to plant trees in their surroundings, and pot small plants in their houses to nurture them.


Our yearly calendar talks about the important days of the year when we have plantations planned.

River Ghats clean-up drives

While we all know about River pollution, how often do we think of cleaning up a River-ghat in nearby areas? Seldom only! And then, many times we may not know the means to accomplish this. 

At TCF, we engage in clean-up drives for River Yamuna, at the Kalindi Kunj Ghat. 



Our yearly calendar talks about the important days of the year when we have the clean- up drives planned. 

Supporting under priviledged

There are days, when we feel for a social cause, we want to go an extra mile and may not know how to help and where to help.


TCF has been supporting some of the identified underprivileged communities, people who need some support to meet their basic needs, especially at a time when a pandemic hits the nation and their means of earning a livelihood becomes minimal. Such generous tasks are taken up as and when there is a requirement due to natural calamity/ health concern / specific family urgency etc. You can donate or volunteer to directly sponsor for the underprivileged and we shall arrange it

Skill enhancement workshops

We at TCF put some of our skill sets to use for others, especially for underprivileged localities, communities so that they learn from us, we get the opportunity to guide them to learn and make it a livelihood option. Some of these workshops that we do are: 

  • Environment friendly Ganpati making during Ganesh festival
  • Organic colours making during Holi
  • Rakhi preparation using sustainable products
  • Sustainable products making for decoration and household use
  • Environment friendly Diya decoration and making decorative items for Diwali
  • DIY activities workshops 
  • Christmas decoration with sustainable products

If you are good at some craft, willing to share your skillset to enhance  and would like to volunteer for a workshop, we can arrange it for you.

TCF Health

Health is wealth! And in today’s times while we all make conscious efforts to stay fit and healthy, some of our communities struggle to meet the basic health requirements too. At TCF, we plan free health check ups, health camps, distribution of health relief kits like COVID relief kits etc. for the people in need in the underprivileged areas. 

We have some generous and kind doctors who are willing to give their time and expertise for these health related initiatives.

For this great cause, you can also volunteer if we belong or have contacts in the health sector. Every contribution matters!