Empowering generations and not just awareness is the need of the hour. TREE Craze foundation is trying to do its bit by not just making the forthcoming generations aware of the crisis but also teaching them how to manage the environment via small lifestyle changes. The STEER (Sensitisation & Thinking Enhancement for Environment & Rivers) program is a scientifically designed, actionable model-based workshop program that aims to connect with children to inculcate within them an attitudinal connect with their environment. These workshops are designed in a way so as to align them with the SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work & Action) curriculum of NCERT, an integral part of 9th to 12th standard. The objective of the program are:

Objectives of STEER

To bridge the gap between education to attitude building

Re-establish our lost connect with nature

Generates Awareness and Ownership for environment

A successful pilot for the same has been carried out in five schools (4 Govt. and 1 private) in Delhi/NCR, on the following themes:

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India’s landfills are bursting at the seams and overflowing with items that shouldn’t be thrown in the trash. More than 70% of collected urban waste is dumped straight into the landfills. Although according to Press Information Bureau, approx. 50 % of the waste reaching landfills is organic wet waste, which if segregated and processed properly can reduce the problem considerably.

A short session on solid waste segregation and composting have been designed by TREE Craze Foundation which is piloted in EDMC Government Schools. A composting pit is also being dug in schools wherever possible so that the students can gain a hands-on experience on composting.

Water Conservation and Water Footprint

India’s growing population has put a severe stress on the natural resources of the country, mainly its water resources, as we have 4% of the world’s freshwater resources which caters to 17% of the world population. Apart from the population, the mismanagement of the water has worsened the crisis. As per NITI Aayog, India is facing worst water crisis with around 50% population experiencing high-to-extreme water shortage.

TREE Craze Foundation has designed a session on water conservation and water footprint along with interesting format of quiz which has been piloted in both private and government schools.

The session intended to provide insights on:

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Waste Upcycling

Upcycling is nowadays emerging as a creative facet of waste management. It is when disregarded waste materials, objects, fabrics and furniture are reused to create something new with functional or aesthetic value. The underlying ideology is to extend the life of waste objects to prevent the need for the production of others. It marks a more creative way of addressing the imbalances between production, consumption, and waste.

To sensitise people for the same, and also empowering them with skills through which they can make their own upcycled products, sessions such as ‘Make and Take’, eco-friendly Ganesha making etc. were taken up by TCF at various platforms like Ganga Utsav, for office-goers, transgenders etc.

Also upcycled products created by TCF, from waste materials were displayed at a Ekani conscious market organized in Delhi, which aimed to serve as a meeting place for ethical producers/creators and conscious consumers to aid them make ethical consumption decisions.
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Geographical Information System

Geographical Information System (GIS) is an important modern tool to support decision making for complex issues. Issues such that of water pollution and mismanagement, generally have multi-facets which needs to be understood and analysed before taking any decisions. To achieve sustainable water management, knowledge about the technology of GIS is a must. TREE Craze Foundation has GIS experts who have designed a session on the introduction of GIS (Geographical Information System), its importance and the role it plays in day-to-day life. This session was conducted for the students of standard 9th to 12th from Kendriya Vidyalayas on 4th of November, in association with National Mission for Clean Ganga.
Session with Kids

Webinars for Schools

Eco-club of St Marks School, Meera Bagh

On the occasion of World Environment Day, the members of the Earth Saviour Eco Club, St Marks School, Meera Bagh participated in an interactive, knowledge sharing session with Ms Bhawna Badola, CEO-TREE Craze Foundation. A lot of insight was shared on rivers restoration, especially River Ganga, projects under Namami Gange which aims at the cleaning of the pious river of our country.

Inter-school Eco-seminar by Hillswood Academy

An inter-school eco-seminar was scheduled by Hillwood Academy where Bhawna Badola, CEO, TREE Craze Foundation spoke about Role of Youth in River Restoration along with Dr Veena Khanduri, Executive Secretary and Country Coordinator, India Water Partnership. Almost 100 students from classes XI and XII connected in this talk.

Van Mahotsav Week Webinar

A webinar was organized on the occasion of Van Mahotsav by TREE Craze Foundation that discussed the stories of various Forest Warriors along with discussing on various aspects about forests and trees. Close to 500 students from classes I to VI registered for this webinar from different schools spread across the country, that includes Puducherry, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, among others.

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