Spatial Mapping and Analysis

TCF is led by a team of GIS experts passionate about environment and river conservation. We strongly believe that the role of geospatial technologies in the domain of environment and river conservation cannot be overlooked. In an effort to integrate the technological strength of GIS for river conservation, TCF in collaboration with India Water Partnership took its first step towards the development of a GIS based decision support system for tributaries management in Hindon River Basin. The project aimed at the collation and creation of various spatial and non-spatial datasets of the area on a common and openly accessible platform so that it could aid various stakeholders and partners in their effort for the revival of river Hindon.

The project intended to offer a one stop GIS based solution to the key decision makers and various stakeholders in the basin. The data available in public domain and in various recent reports by several agencies was collated during the project period and presented to different stakeholders in the basin as a statistical cum GIS dashboard thereby incorporating their suggestions and making it easily and openly accessible. Other important datasets for decision makers, which were not openly available like the land cover of the basin, natural drainage and topographical layers etc. were derived utilizing remote sensing and GIS technology during the project. The dashboard not just aided in the visualisation of various spatial and non-spatial datasets in graphical and map view, but also facilitated the downloading of a detailed report of the entire basin and also district wise.

Also, in an attempt to sensitize and empower various stakeholders for Hindon river rejuvenation, dynamic and bilingual (Hindi & English) story maps were created and virtual sessions were conducted for sensitizing children, youth and officials that could play a key role in the rejuvenation of river. The story maps created using ESRI story map platform explained the physiology of a river and how has it been impacted by human interventions, in a very interesting and immersive fashion. Hindon was taken as a case study, so as to develop a connect of the audience with the subject.

Hindon Basin Boundary derived using SRTM 30 metres data

Land Cover of Hindon Basin, derived using Landsat 8, 30 metres data, using Google Earth Engine

Topography of Hindon Basin, derived using SRTM 30 metres data