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Ganga Quest is a bilingual international quiz competition designed with an aim to sensitize people about the national River Ganga, its significance, its cultural and historical values, its diversity and its ecosystem. The objective is not just building knowledge among participants, but also to connect them emotionally by sensitizing about rivers’ present condition and its past reverence.

Salient features

Three years in a row, back when it started in 2019, Ganga Quest has made huge progress not just in terms of participation numbers and its spatial presence but also in terms of awareness amongst the participants. For the past two years, Ganga Quest dates have coincided with lockdown within the country. Ganga Quest 2021 running dates coincided with the peak of second wave of CoVID-19 in India. However, the enthusiasm shown and participation received has been commendable. The total participation in 2021 again crossed the magic figure of a million, with the total number reaching 11,01,379. The distribution of the participation was even more vast with Ganga Quest becoming truly international with 100+ countries across the world participating.

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Ganga Quest