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CLAP is an interactive portal that is working towards initiating conversations and action around the rivers in India, and the environment. The Portal also facilitate debates and discussions, allowing for expression of ideas about these issues. Furthermore, CLAP acts as a platform through which people can learn about conservation efforts happening around them and ways to volunteer or contribute to the same. Thus, CLAP is not just for the kids, not just for the young, but for everyone who love rivers and want to work to save them!

Salient features of CLAP

CLAP function as a single platform for all interested people on environment and rivers. It keeps the children and youth engaged through various games, quizzes, contests; enables them to search and get knowledge on all related topics; enhances the people – river connect through showcasing the historical and cultural importance of the river; also promotes action through connecting interested youth and children to various volunteering opportunities by different agencies.

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