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With Ganga Quest, we have succeeded to re-connect lakhs of families to river Ganga.

- Shri Gajendra Singh Shekhawat

Honorable Minister of Jal Shakti

Ganga Quest is one of the most important activities to achieve ‘Jan Bhagidari’. We not only connected million+ participants but also their families to the cause of river rejuvenation as Ganga Quest not only raises awareness about Ganga but all rivers of our country.

- Shri Rajiv Ranjan Mishra

Former Director General, National Mission for Clean Ganga

Tree craze is spearheading the river conservation and protection initiative; it is important to forge alliances with such partners to make efforts of government sustainable.”

- Najeeb Ahsan

Sr. Communication Manager, National Mission for Clean Ganga

Ganga Quest has turned out to be a very effective platform to reach out to millions of people in a very short time, not only within the country but also globally and join everyone to this most comprehensive program (Namami Gange) of river rejuvenation.

- Shri Rozy Agarwal

Former Executive Director (Finance), National Mission for Clean Ganga

Continuous Learning and Activity Portal will provide youth an opportunity to continue their journey of becoming an ambassador of Ganga and send their ideas & suggestions to National Mission for Clean Ganga.

- Ms Upneet Singh

Water and Sanitation Specialist, The World Bank

Thank you so much
NMCG and TREE Craze Foundation for these rewards. Ganga Quest is a way to connect me to the pious source of eternal bliss. I pledge to fulfil my obligation to Mother Ganga.

- Prajjwal Kasera

Ganga Quest weekly winner 2022

The team at TCF is amazing. They are known for conducting their famous “Ganga Quest”, every year, for masses of all age and gender. They have a portal – which offers curated content related to environmental sustainability, with a special focus on the marine ecosystems. TCF also conducts various cleanliness drives on the ghats of the Yamuna river. The team also works towards preserving and nurturing aur holy river, Ganga. Volunteering experience with TCF is quite enriching.

- Ms Shreya Kalra

Had an amazing experience
TCF has a great team. All the members and volunteers are working for a great cause, i.e. to save, clean and nurture our holy river, Ganga.

- Ms Sheena Narula

The efforts that TCF puts in preserving the Ganga River is great. Each effort counts. The cleanliness drives at the Yamuna Ghat is nice too.

- Mr Hrithik Verma

An organization that is working for the environment to make it sustainable and eco-friendly, with innovative ways and a-lot of hard work. Masterminds behind the Ganga Quest and CLAP ( Continuous Learning and Activity Portal).

- Storm Spell

TREE Craze foundation is an NGO, with there office in sector 63. They are working on Tree, River, Ecology and Environment. Their biggest project are the Ganga Quest CLAP4Ganga portal.
Ganga Quest is an online quiz on river Ganga. I would recommend you to please participate in their interesting and knowledgeable quiz to enhance the knowledge on our river Ganga, this year it will start on the first week of April.
CLAP4Ganga (Continuous Learning and Activity Portal for Ganga) is an portal to enhance your knowledge of different rivers of India. It has different activities, articles, DIY videos, Exciting videos about rivers and environment. Most of the time you can also find and participate in the competitions on this portal.

- Mr Ajay Prasad

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