About TREE Craze Foundation

From past several years, Tree Craze Foundation, through its progams, have sensitized and empowered children and youth to own up and act for their environment and rivers. The efforts are aimed towards making them environmentally responsible citizens. There is one single objective behind all the programs undertaken by Tree Craze Foundation – Rivers of today for people of tomorrow, people of today for rivers for tomorrow.

In its efforts, Tree Craze Foundation have a very inclusive and collaborative approach where it believes in working together with various strata of society and different organizations. Most organizations are working towards making a beautiful today and tomorrow. Instead of finding faults and competing, Tree Craze Foundation wants to complement and support to make this a reality. 

Why Choose us

Passionate Young Team

Our team is our strength! Highly qualified professionals with expertise in environment planning and management along with cutting-edge technologies such as GIS and Remote Sensing yet deeply passionate about environment and rivers. ​

Women Led Organization

Women and nature share a powerful moral connection. With our women led team, we feel more empowered, empathetic, compassionate, and resilient. Our desire to bring change is very high and we are constantly working towards our goals.​

Collaborative Approach​

Be it within our team or outside, we focus on working together and bringing value. We work together with government, international organizations, corporates, not-for-profits to ensure the best of results. 

Scalable Solutions​

With our collaborative approach, our programs have been able to reach the scale, that is very difficult to achieve by any expensive marketing strategy. For most programs, we have chosen a virtual mode that has made it easier to reach mass in this digital and pandemic prone era. 

User-oriented Programs​

A lot of detailing is being done to design all our programs before launching it on the ground. We interact with possible users/benefactors and incorporate their active feedback to make it more user-specific programs that gets easily accepted.

Excellent Analytics Reports

Along with working on ground, we analyze the outcomes thoroughly and report it to all stakeholders. We believe the process to monitor the outcomes and capture the realized benefits of the program is extremely important to design future programs and understand the impact of current programs.